Everything started with a single student org campaign.

My love to volunteering and joining communities starts with a simple school organization campaign.

I was in 6th grade when my teachers and classmates encouraged me to run as a Vice President for our Student Org.

And yes, our batch is a pioneer.

I admit I was not the best student leader at that time. I didn’t know better. I just want to play and chill and you know, just want to be a kid.

But joining clubs and taking student leadership roles encouraged me a lot to still go to school (was never a fan of going to school 😅).

Enter college...

College years were fun because of the organizational experience.

I joined Google Developer Group Cagayan de Oro as a Volunteer year 2015 February 14th (the same time I was a student council leader).

Ain’t that romantic? 😍 We’ve spent our Valentine's Day hosting our chapter’s Android Study Jam. Thankfully, around 20ish people arrived as participants (we’ve hit the target number of audience).

Google I/O 2018 event hosted by GDG Bukidnon Sub-chapter.

Fast forward ⏩

In 2019, I became the Community Lead for our GDG Chapter.

Became the successor of our chapter’s founder Josan as Women Techmakers Ambassador for Cagayan de Oro year 2021.

My proudest moment for the year 2023 as a volunteer at GDG and WTM Community

A year marked by enriching community speaking engagements and travel opportunities.

  • Founded the Design Hive Community beginning of the year

  • Speaker at Student Dev Day Bukidnon Sub-chapter 2023

  • Organized International Women's Day 2023 WTM CDO

  • Hosted DevFest Butuan 2023 with GDG Cloud Manila

  • Joined Google I/O Connect in Bengaluru, India

  • Hivers Connect 2023 in Cagayan de Oro city

  • Panelist at GDG Cloud Manila DevFest 2023

  • Google I/O Extended 2023 Cagayan de Oro

  • Organized DevFest Cagayan de Oro 2023

  • WTM/GDG SEA Summit 2023 Singapore

  • Speaker at GDG Bacolod DevFest 2023

  • Speaker at GDSC USTP IamRemarkable

  • Joined the adplist.org Mentors Club

  • Speaker at GDG DevFest Cebu 2023

  • Hivers Connect Manila 2023

In summary, my life revolve around volunteering, mentoring others, and cats 🐈.

Feel free to reach out!

I am available for a FREE online 1-1 mentorship.

Go to www.adplist.org/mentors/estella to book a 30-minute session with me.

I am also open to event speaking engagements with the following topics:

  • UX Design

  • Typography

  • Design System

  • Design Management

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Career Progression in Design

  • Women Empowerment topics

Inquire about speaking availability by sending me a message on LinkedIn.