Product Designer specializing in crafting simplified design systems and mobile app design based in the Philippines.

I’m Estella 🐈. A Filipina designer with 7-ish design experience who loves to feed my brain with knowledge every day.

I'm all about creating designs that make life a little better for everyone.

I’m a Women Techmakers Ambassador and Community Lead at Google Developers Group Cagayan de Oro helping the community grow for 10 years.

This is my cat Milky 🐈 keepin’ me in check 😹

One of my favorite projects was designing Daily Review mobile app.

— A SaaS app that we use in the company for daily task check-in and tracking. It allows managers to oversee the progress of their direct reports and helps direct reports check in on their peers’ work. The app helps avoid micro-management.

We’ve built Identifi’s Design System Component UI and Style Library.

— This system shows our dedication to creating a consistent, intuitive, and visually cohesive interface. The system allows me and my peer, Loisy, to have seamless collaboration with our developer team.

I started my career as a Junior Web Developer working on-site.

A brief history to share...

This role helped me to become code literate enabling me to better understand engineering and development languages.

I was young, fresh out of college, and didn’t know what career to pursue. Here comes High Output Ventures — a venture company funding start-ups.

Applied and hired as a Software QA and REIT Data Analyst.

A year into the role, I transitioned (internal hiring) as a Junior UI Designer.

It was in this position that I discovered my passion for design, marking the start of my love affair with the creative process.

Designing an e-commerce app for mobile for iOS and Android.

— Pakistan's Largest Online Shopping Store for Babies, Kids, and Maternity products. The requirement for this project is to design the mobile app version of the e-commerce web app, both iOS and Android platforms.

I helped a Website and Web app turn into a responsive layout for mobile view.

— An all-inclusive toolkit designed to enhance your Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) investing, offering practical market intelligence to boost your chances of surpassing market performance.

With my incredible mentors, Usman and Djordje, my design career grew rapidly and then I was promoted to Design Manager.


80% management

20% experience design...

being a design manager was never easy, a bumpy ride, but it was fulfilling seeing and helping juniors and fellow designers grow with me.

A self-driven leader, mentor, speaker, and advocate of education for a better future.

Over the years, content creation made a noise in the market.

— I’ve explored the creation of brand identity design for solopreneurs.

I find the demand for Content Design a necessity to have an understanding as a designer. Together with my team, we’ve built and implemented a brand identity sprint framework that helped us have smoother collaboration.

AI came into action and leveraged it.

— I don’t want to get behind the trend. I use Figma AI-powered plugins and AI tools like ChatGPT to optimize and automate my work processes.

I’ve written AI-related stories to share how I always optimize my work, especially on copywriting. As a designer, I find copywriting to be an essential skill to have.

All of the projects mentioned above are just some of my work. If you want to know more, you may send me a direct message on Instagram or LinkedIn.

Feel free to reach out!

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I am also open to event speaking engagements with the following topics:

  • UX Design

  • Typography

  • Design System

  • Design Management

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Career Progression in Design

  • Women Empowerment topics

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